Painting the Town Yellow

Bay area is all sunshine apart from Nov-Jan. So it’s not a bad idea to own a pair of these yellow ankle-fit pants. I bought these pants from a boutique in Chennai, India- Maitri Vanitawhich also happens to be owned by my family.

Here are the three styles I have created with these pants….

In the summer time when the weather is high….

Denim Jacket– Forever 21, Great mall, Milpitas CA
This is my only denim jacket and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. I still remember the day I picked this up- I was specifically looking for a denim jacket, shopping for almost 3 hours and forever 21 was my last stop(hope).

HatIcing store, Westfield valley fair mall, Stevens creek, CA
Its not always that I buy things when liked at first sight. Sometimes I just go back home and wait to see if I desire it enough to go back and purchase it. That’s the story behind this beautiful chic hat.

Elephant necklace- So Good, Union Square, San francisco CA
I take my own time when buying accessories. Each time I pick a earring or a necklace I get into deep thought just to be sure I have an outfit to match it(if not, I end up buying a new outfit). I really like this store not just for its accessories but also because of its visually appealing layout. It calls out to me!

Bangles- Icing store, Great mall, Milpitas CA
I bought these recently when they had the $3 & $5 deals. On my usual rounds of window shopping I walk in to an icing store and almost always end up buying something or the other. There is more to it than just accessories here.

White blouseunknown
I know for sure this is from a small boutique in India. Unfortunately unable to recollect the name. But basically any white top with a slight flair would look nice for this ensemble.

For winter
(bear in mind this is the bay area winter that I am referring to)

Navy blue stripped sweater- Banana Republic, Great mall, Milpitas CA
I never miss out Banana Republic’s SALE. Picked up this sweater on a sweet deal. Apart from the ongoing deals if you take along your banana republic reusable bag they give you an additional 10% discount.

Anchor necklace- Forever 21, Great mall, Milpitas CA
I like the quality of accessories at Forever 21. This cute little neck piece caught my eye for when I was looking for something in RED.

Earrings- Icing, Great mall, Milpitas CA
I am very picky about my earrings. So much that I was known for my collection during my undergrad days. I remember some of my close friends requesting specific earrings over a text message to match their outfit for the day.

(Jumbo) Grey clutch- Esbeda store, Mumbai, India
I bought that clutch four years ago while on a shopping spree for my wedding trousseau. The reason I call it jumbo is because back then I had NEVER seen a clutch that size. My bad!
Its one of my favorites till date.

Finally, for that Indian in me…

Kaftan- Maitri Vanita store, Chennai, India
There are certain things(I mean clothes) that my mom keeps in my name whenever she brings in her new collection to the store. I absolutely close my eyes and accept whatever mom gives me for she always picks the best for me. I was mesmerized by the color and the simplicity of the pattern of this Kaftan. It was a farewell gift from my family when I was leaving for the states after my vacation.
This kaftan also looks fab when worn as a dress over opaque leggings with a minimalist design.

Polka dot Bangles- Charminar, Hyderabad, India
If you ever happen to be in Hyderabad you absolutely gotta hit the Charminar bazaar. I found their collection of ‘Bangles’ to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.Don’t let the size of the shops fool you. I found some of my best quality accessories in shops that were nothing but a hole in the wall.

Black oxidized Earrings- Greece
I picked these beautiful(and heavy) earrings at a street market in Athens, Greece(honeymoon :P). They had so many beautiful ones but this one caught my attention. The other thing that caught my attention (all the three days) in Athens were the footwear stores. A whole(damn) street had only footwear stores one after the other(Phew!!). I’ll put up a picture of the shoes I picked soon!

Well, I guess I’ve covered everything here. I hope to inspire and be inspired. Stay tuned to know more about my style 🙂


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