Mint & Basil

|Restaurant Review|
Visited on 03/29/2015, Sunday 

This ones a newbie in town!

Its the name that caught my attention yesterday (a lazy Sunday morning) when browsing through Yelp (my go-to for looking up a restaurant anywhere anytime) desperately looking for someplace new to check out. Turned out ‘Vegan’, that was a bonus!

I was  so famished when I reached the restaurant at 8 30pm yesterday with high expectations given the 4-star reviews (yelp) and a very tempting spread on its menu (I always check out the menu before-hand, esp when HUNGRY). If not for the reviews I probably would not have made my way to this place for I generally detest experimenting when my hunger pangs are upto some serious drumming.

Lets start with…….

The Food!!

Adi and I settled in quickly and in no time decided upon fresh spring roll (winter roll as they call it) for appetizer accompanied with thai  iced tea(s)( I love I love).


Thai Iced Tea at Mint & Basil

Thai Iced Tea

I have had thai iced tea in numerous restaurants and I gotta say the one here is quite distinctive in taste but very refreshing overall. It wasn’t overly sweet (that’s the way I like it) and didn’t have that tang of soy milk.

By now I had settled on Pho- Cali Pho as my choice for main course.  Adi picked Chowfun.


Fresh spring roll at Mint & Basil

Fresh spring roll

A bunch of veggies wrapped in rice paper so what? Its the Peanut sauce that takes away the show. Oh how I devoured these rolls. True to its name it felt so fresh but I wonder why they call it the Winter Roll! 

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

Here comes the Pho…

Cali PHO

Cali Pho

I’m gonna admit that I’ve never had pho before. I wonder why! There are plenty vietnamese restaurants, vegan too, but somehow pho always remained in that list of eateries tucked away, waiting to be unleashed on some fateful day. My bad!

The thing I like most about asian cuisine is that when I ask for more vegetables I do get more vegetables on my plate and not just mushrooms or eggplant (like other regular restaurants). The mistake I made here was forgetting to tell them to NOT add mushrooms when asked for extra veggies in place of tofu. (Adi is not a big fan of mushrooms). Not taking that in to consideration I really liked the flavor of the Cali Pho here. It was moderately hot (even though I prefer very hot) but still delicious. And its is profusely filling so my suggestion would be to just check it out if this quantity would do and then get another entree(the other mistake I made).

And finally….



I am off flour (all-purpose/ enriched/ bread/ cake… you get it right?) for the last couple of months so I was really glad that these were rice noodles. However, I couldn’t have much fun with the Chow for I was replete (Its the pho.. its the pho) and didn’t wanna be a glutton(its the diet.. keep up!). The vegetables were stir fried just right, and the flavor(new to me) did good justice, even though it was a teensy bit sweet at first bite.


Its clean, cute, and capacious; On any busy day at the restaurant  I’m sure I won’t be bumping chairs with anyone.
The cutlery looked plain and simple (I was there for the food).
The staff was very courteous and accommodating to our needs (I can be fussy); The owner even came over for some meet & greet.

My rating!!

I am gonna give this place a 3.75/5
Taking away 1 because I am yet to try so many other dishes to decide if everything is as good as it sounds. And the 0.25  is because of all those mushrooms (way too many to even count).

For an order of 2 iced teas, 1 winter roll, 1 Cali Pho, and 1 Chowfun the bill amount came up to $31 (excluding tax) which I consider to be quite fair.

And just in case you haven’t found it yet…
Mint & Basil
1741 N Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(669) 235 5285


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