I am gonna run so they can study

20 days from today I will be running like never before– at the Golden Gate Relay 2015.

I along with 11 other enthusiasts from my team-we call ourselves the Trail Blazers– will be running a 191-mile course relay under the banner of Two Cents of Hope (TCH), starting from Calistoga, all the way to Santa Cruz crossing Napa, Marin, Sausalito, Golden gate bridge (under the moonlight), Palo alto, and the Silicon valley.

What’s the big deal?

Its a relay- Yes!
Not a marathon- Not even close!

Allow me to elucidate-
The relay from Napa valley to Santa Cruz has been divided into 36 courses out of which each runner gets to do 3 legs, the shortest mile being 3 and longest being 8. Each of us get to pick our level of difficulty from 1 – 12 (1 being very difficult and 12 being easiest) based on which we are assigned our 3 legs of the relay. This being my first running relay I have picked the easiest level (level 12) wherein I’ll be running each leg for an average of 5.4 miles (total 16.3miles) over a span of 24 hours.

BUT, running is just one of the components of the Golden Gate Relay. Each of us (runners of TCH) is here for a far greater cause- an effort to put 70 kids back in school for 2015 with the goal of raising $19,500.

Err… How serious am I taking this relay?

Well, for the last three months here is what I’ve been up to-

Running– Duh! I started training (individual and group runs) for this relay sometime in February. Even though I am down with ‘Tendonitis‘ I am staying optimistic and hopeful (and slightly foolish) about doing this relay.
Follow my progress on the Runkeeper app!
Yoga– Ask any runner and they’ll agree with me that a strong core is the most essential thing to get you to the finish line.
Just Breathe Yoga– here is where I love to unwind and entwine to strengthen my core and enhance flexibility.
Boxing Bootcamp at Legendz Fitness & Training Center– There is some serious stuff happening here with punching bags, circuit training, ab workout, and other core strengthening workouts. Honestly, I am so nervous before each session but its their ‘NO QUITTING’ attitude that gets me through. KUDOS to coach Jose and his team, and my fellow trainees.
Swimming, biking, and hiking are other ways in which I keep myself active. And to support my training I have also been following a clean diet since February- by clean I mean no junk (deep-fried), no sweet (cakes, cupcakes, halwa…. you name it), and absolutely refraining from enriched flour (maida/ all-purpose flour).

So have I charmed you yet?

If yes, then do consider supporting my CAMPAIGN with your donation (as per your will) and help build a better tomorrow.

P.s. Do your deed and leave all the running (around) to me 🙂


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