This is me!

This is me

I am Dipti Nichani, a self-proclaimed fashionista, passionate baker, adequately skillful photographer—which is why everything I bake/cook LOOKS so awesome—and an insatiable traveler.

Born and raised in Chennai, India, I currently reside in California with my husband Aditya Shah. 

Fashion, food, fitness, and travel are the four things that sum up our current lifestyle.

I am the kind of woman who has an overflowing wardrobe but still cribs “I don’t have anything to wear”, a kitchen with more than enough essentials but shopping for home is a constant affair, and while I am on my way back home from a vacation I am already planning the next one. The DRAMA is never ending!

So in a very clichéd fashion I am going to use this space to show (off) my style in clothing (smart, sexy, sassy) with some kickass shoes and accessories to complement it, some very own, some adapted vegetarian recipes (experimented on and approved by my hubby :P), my travel story(s), and share my thoughts and opinions on anything that is copiously significant to ME (Heads up- I am a daydreamer and over-thinker).

Lots of drama indeed! 


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