Just a Thought!


20 days from today I will be running like never before– at Golden Gate Relay 2015

I along with 11 other enthusiasts form my team-we call ourselves the Trail Blazers– will be running a 191-mile course relay under the banner of Two Cents of Hope (TCH), starting from Calistoga, all the way to Santa Cruz crossing Napa, Marin, Sausalito, Golden gate bridge (under the moonlight), Palo alto, and the Silicon valley…. more



I chose to get fit

As far as I can remember, I had been in constant war with my weight!

No shame in admitting that I was lazy, never challenged my endurance during workout(s), caved in to bad eating habits, indulged in sinfully unhealthy treats(I thought I deserved the reward), obviously relied on FAD diets in the need-of-the-hour(popularly known as the GM diet), and needless to say, I was UNFIT…… more




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