Foodie’s quest!

Mint & Basil 

Check out my detailed review here!

Winter Roll (fresh spring roll)

As a vegetarian(in a very Indian modus-operandi) I consume all dairy products sans EGGS. I am on a constant hunt for ‘VEGAN’ restaurants, especially when traveling. And when  not traveling, I hunt to escape my own food (and all that cooking). Even though there are copious vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the bay area(and the country), somehow Adi and I prefer the vegan ones so we could indulge in the desserts(slllluurrrrrpppp).

Only I know how I survived in Paris looking at Macaroons and patisserie at every nook and corner but couldn’t indulge!!

All these years in the states I have come to categorize restaurants into four kinds:

  • Mix cuisine; restaurant that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine
  • Vegetarian-friendly; restaurant that has options (maybe a separate menu) for vegetarian dishes
  • Vegetarian; A lot of indian restaurants can be counted upon here due to use of dairy products that may include eggs. Its always better to ASK!
  • Vegan; complete non-meat and dairy free environment

In a effort to remember all the good restaurants I’ve been to and help out those seeking out the same just like I do, here is where I am gonna start documenting and reviewing restaurants that have managed to meet the needs of a fussy (can’t help it) vegetarian/vegan foodie.



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